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Memory Configurator

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Kingston Branded RAM Configurator

Use this configurator to understand which Kingston product you require to upgrade the memory on your current branded (e.g. HP, Dell, Sony PC) laptop, server, camera, printer, mobile phone, etc...

In the case of a PC or Laptop being a custom built (i.e. non-branded or local brand) machine then with the make and model of motherboard you can use the Kingston Value Ram Configurator below.


Kingston ValueRAM Memory Configurator

If your PC or laptop is a non-branded or non-global brand then using the make and model details of your motherboard you can use this configurator to select the correct Kingston ValueRAM module.


PNY Memory Configurator

Use this configurator to select the correct PNY memory product for a wide variety of different products including PC's, notebooks, digital cameras, mobile phones, digital AV players and recorders etc.


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